Overclocking Sempron 2400 with KT600 chipset

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Hello everyone

This is my present system:
Gigabyte GA-7VT600 1394
Sempron 2400 Arctic Cooling Copper Silent 2 rev2 heat sink
Kingston Value pc3200 512Mb
Arctic Cooling Silentium T2 Tower

Seasonic 350W psu
+5V   -30A
+12V  -17A

I bought the system with the idea of running the cpu at a clock speed
of up to
200MHz (400fsb).
At the moment its set as a Sempron 2500 (clock 175 MHz) with no other
changes in
the bios.
The cpu temperature is in the high 30s at idle.
The vcore is unchanged at 1.62V.
The memory is still at "auto".

Thanks to the Gigabyte forum I found out about removing the thermal
tape on the
chipset heatsink and adding some silicone in its place.
Thanks again k.

My XP pro operating system seems to be working with no problems.

I would like to download a program which monitors temperatures.

If anyone has a similar setup I would like to know what their vcore is
set at
when the cpu clock is set at 200MHz.
Are their any special steps to take when changing the vcore?

Many Thanks

Stephen Bowden

Re: Overclocking Sempron 2400 with KT600 chipset

On Wed, 20 Apr 2005 09:46:56 +0100, Stephen Bowden wrote:

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So set it to 200MHz.

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What's holding you back? BTW, if the low 30's you quoted at idle was from
the bios reading, it will be lower when running the OS idle as the bios
does load the cpu. So it's probably running mid to lower 30's after OS
boot. Search for MBM.

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Well, let's see. My old Athlon XP 2100+ would do 2166MHz (13x166) at the
default 1.60v. And it took 1.80v to get to 2400MHz. Unless you've got a
really weak chip, you shouldn't need to raise vcore past 1.65v for
10x200. And more than likely you won't have to raise it all from the
current 1.60v setting.

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