Overclocking Problem help?

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I've messed around with bios a few times and I've been unsuccessful
Overclocking my CPU...Would anyone have any suggestions for me...I've tried
tampering with fsb and voltage, just fsb, ram timings, but i haven't had any
luck coming up with the right settings...Now i'm not a computer guru or
anything and that's probably have the reason but I was hoping to OC this
chip.  Oh, and i've tried Ntune and that hasn't worked as well.
Even if someone with a very similar system to let me know what they have for
bios settings to help??

Tnx in advance

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional
OS Service Pack Service Pack 2

BIOS Type Award (11/12/04)
Communication Port Communications Port (COM1)
Communication Port Communications Port (COM2)
Communication Port ECP Printer Port (LPT1)
CPU Type AMD Athlon XP-A, 1833 MHz (11 x 167) 2500+
Motherboard Chipset nVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400
Motherboard Name Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe  (5 PCI, 1 AGP Pro, 1 WiFi, 3 DDR DIMM,
Audio, Gigabit LAN)
System Memory 512 MB  PC 4000 GEIL (DDR SDRAM)

Video Adapter RADEON 9800 PRO - Secondary  (128 MB)
Video Adapter RADEON 9800 PRO  (128 MB)
3D Accelerator ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (R350)
Monitor Plug and Play Monitor [NoDB]  (CX  026340)

Audio Adapter nVIDIA MCP2 - Audio Codec Interface
Audio Adapter nVIDIA MCP2 - Audio Processing Unit (Dolby Digital)

C: (NTFS) 20002 MB (12421 MB free)
D: (NTFS) 20402 MB (19944 MB free)
E: (NTFS) 94460 MB (64909 MB free)
F: (NTFS) 55937 MB (9211 MB free)

Re: Overclocking Problem help?

On Wed, 18 May 2005 12:13:12 +0000, Fen wrote:

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All you should need to do is to raise the FSB and the voltage depending on
how much you want to overclock. A reasonable speed would be 2200MHz
(11x200), basically a 3200+ speed. I'd start by raising vcore to 1.85v and
FSB to 200. If it boots there, start lowering vcore til it won't work.
Hopefully you have a decent cooler (not stock). Use a boot cd or floppy
when testing so you won't corrupt the HD.

Abit KT7-Raid (KT133) Tbred B core CPU @2400MHz (24x100FSB)
My server http://wesnewell.no-ip.com/cpu.php
Verizon server http://mysite.verizon.net/res0exft/cpu.htm

Re: Overclocking Problem help?

I was able to oc after...not 3200 speeds tho but i got a significant jump at
1980 mhz.  Tnx for your help.

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