Overclocking on a AM2 X2 4400 Brisbane core

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Hi guys,
            I just bought myself some new toys and am after a little advice.
I'm running an Asrock AM2 board with the 480X SB600 chipset, 4400 65nm
Brisbane core cpu, 2gb Corsair 667 RAM (5-5-5-15 i think).
        I'm only running standard cooling at this stage, and by upping the
FSB to 240 from 200, and raising the chipset voltages by 0.1v I can run the
system at 2.77Ghz and it is completely stable. If i go higher, the system
will ocasionally hang and require a reset.
        At this speed, the cpu temp has only rasied about 2 degrees C. I'm
sure with some more tweaking, I could get it to run up around 3Ghz on
standard cooling, which is what i'm aiming for.
        Am i better off lowering the multiplier and raising the FSB higher
or will it only achieve the same result? And should I manually adjust the
RAM timings/speed or just leave it alone?



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