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Hey everyone,
Thanks for all your help and input, I decided to start troubleshooting
things piece by piece, and started with the simplest thing first. I found
out what the problem is/was..... While Antec is "supposed" to be a good
power supply, apparently I got a dud. I took the pwr supply out of my server
stuffed it into my system, and fire'd it up this morning @400mhz fsb 1.8v
Vcore. And Wala, system ran, CPU stayed about 114-125 < up to 125 when
playing BF2> Which, I was able to raise my rez up to 1280x960 <I think,
something like that> 2xaa and was getting 50-74 fps. Played again when I got
up, and ran Aquamark3d 49509, and 3dmark 03 17631. My voltages dont vary as
much as they did. So, I guess I'll be buying a new power supply, enough to
handle 2hd's, cdrom, DVD burner, my video card and all my fans. I think I'll
invest in a watercooler that way I can cut down on required power, and cool
it better, and that way when I do upgrade to my athlon 64 system I can just
change the waterblock on my CPU.
Thanks again for everyone who wrote.


Athlon XP2500 @400mhz
ATI Radeon X800 GTO 256
1gb Geil DDR 3200 DC

Re: overclocking hell update

Glad to hear it. Thanks for posting the cure to your problem Lots of people
get hepl here and never post back to say what worked for them.

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