overclocking Barton 2500

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I'm a newbie and I read about "little wonders" by overclocking the CPU's.
Now I want to try the same. I've got a Barton 2500, bought in March 03 and a
mainboard, where I can change multiplier, FSB and core voltage. I set it now
at 1,8 V core and 18*166 Multiplikator. But there are no changes under Win
XP. It shows me AMD Athlon XP 2500+ and 1,83 Ghz. Have I to do more things
like connects some pin on the die or open bridges? Please help me.

Thanks Kai

Re: overclocking Barton 2500

Hi guys. Im new to this forum. Ive seen so far that you guys ar
pretty good. I am not a total noob at computers, I build them, mo
them a little. But overclocking is new to me. I know where th
settings are and stuff, I just dont know what to do with them. Her
are my system specs, tell me anything you can that will make it g
faster :

Thanks in advance!


AMD K7N2 Delta   Mob

AMD Barton 2500+ CP
2 sticks of 256MB DDR 333 RAM Running in dual channe
200GB Internal (40GB External) H
Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 (128 MB) Video Car
Thermal Take Volcano CPU fan, Im not sure of which model exactly bu
it is approx. 1 yr old. ThermalTake Volcano 7  I think? anyway...

I think this is all you guys need? I appreciate any help you ca
Feel free to contact me directly by email:  dustinl@nb.sympatico.c

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