Overclockers UK are rip off merchants

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I bought an MSI K7N2 motherboard from Overclockers UK as a replacement
for my existing damaged board.
After installing the board, et al, my machine still would not boot,
calling an error in the RAM, and beeping like buggery.
I bought a new RAM stick from someone other than OcUK, because they
were cheaper. This seemed to work fine after installation, but now the
motherboard called an error with the CPU, and still wouldn't even get
as far as the BIOS.
I bought a new CPU from a computer fair as I was now becoming
impatient in getting my system back up and running.
The new CPU didn't work.
I had the original RAM and CPU checked, and the new RAM and CPU
checked. All are fine.
The new motherboard OcUK sent me is faulty however.
And has caused me not only delay in the repair of my system, but also
unnecessary expenditure on other hardware.
I'm not a happy bunny.
They came highly recommended, but on my first purchase have managed to
seriously disappoint and inconvenience.

There is no reply to the e.mails I sent. Their customer service seems
permanently engaged.
When I did get through they refused to send a prepaid returns parcel,
expecting me to pay for the return of their faulty hardware.
Having spent 170 on needlessly replacing perfectly functioning CPU
and RAM they refused any kind of compensation.
Even if it had been bought from them.
Even in form of vouchers for their own store.

DO NOT shop at overclockers UK. They're crap!

Re: Overclockers UK are rip off merchants

I have to agree - they are ripoff merchants.

I have bouht several items with them and each time there has been some
sort of problem.

First I ordered a Veiwsonic 19 tft. When I cliked confirm purchase
they were in stock, I found out after they were on order. they took 3
months!! to arrive. in that time several other models of better spec
and cheaper TFT werre available, but they would let me change the

Second, I ordered a Zalman Airo Flower. The 939 retention clip failed.
Just you try and get through to sales to get a replacment. In the end
I went directly to Zalman, who new about the problem and sent me a

Third, and this reallt irritates me. I ordered 2 gb memory. It came
through the post and I was really excited about playing BF2 with no
stutter. However, I opened the packet and realised I had ordered DDR2
memory. No good to me I am AMD. I admit, this was my mistake so I
tried to get through to sales again - FAILED. Used their crappy
webnotes to getan RMA number to have it sent back. Now what you need
to understand is that I just wanted it replaced with similar spec DDR
RAM, not a refund. Any way, sent it back. 2 days later, It comes back
to me again (the original wrong RAM). WTF? Called Sales GOT
THROUGH!!!!!! They said I had to speak to support. I dont need
support, I know whats wrong, I need different RAM GODAMNIT. So
another web note and they say the RAM is unsaleable coz there is a
rip in the packaging. It never even went in my machine.

Conclusion - Overclockers are shit and I am goping to find as many
people as I can to tell. I would use their forums, but they ban
negative posts and have them removed.

Take it from me DO NOT GO THERE

Re: Overclockers UK are rip off merchants

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Also, my cousin ordered a motherboard from there a year ago and he got sent
*just* the board. No manuals no case brackets, nothing! Worst, because the
motherboard uses an AMD64 cpu it didn't come with a retention bracket. Also the
board was sent in an ordinary envelope. After two weeks of complaints on the
phone they finally replaced it with another one - this time in a box with
everything that was missing.

Re: Overclockers UK are rip off merchants

I have had loads of stuff from them without any problems.
Everything I have had is exactlt what was ordered.
All in boxes if meant to be.
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