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Ok I got a 2500+ XP mobile processor unlocked :) I don't know best way to
start the overclocking road, should i first start lowering multiplier and
working my fsb up? or should i start straight at 200fsb and see if it goes
straight away without any changes?
Some advice on best starting of :)

Re: overclock question

I hope you mean that it came that way and you didn't unlock it...because, I
believe they all come that way.

As for overclocking, that depends on your board and RAM.  My mobile 2500 is
running @ 2.3Ghz and 209Mhz....however, I had to raise the voltage

If you are going to start off with 200Mhz, be sure to drop the multiplier or
seriously increase voltage.  Otherwise, your system may not post.  Also,
keep a sharp eye on CPU temp as the voltage goes up!

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Re: overclock question

This might help, not sure:


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Re: overclock question

my 2500+ AXD  isn't unlocked. I can only get 195mhz out of it at default 11

Annoyed as I bought it off of ebay thinking it was a mobile (ad stated it
was) as I was hoping to get 220+ mhz out of system bus.

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