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I posted this on another group, with people acting like they are so smart...
I never got an answer.
I'm going to answer my own questions though, so please give me a little
while to post a reply to my own message...

Question while I'm at it, do you know how to take a normal Cat 5 cable, and
turn it into a crossover cable?
Do you know the difference between HVD LVD? And what are they. Which one is
still in use, and which one isn't?
Did you ever hear of SATA SAS or SCSI SAS? And what's the difference between

How about more A+ certification questions?
I could keep going. How many questions from A+ test questions would you
These are just questions off the top of my head that I already know, and
learned on my own.
What's PATA?
What's a ribbon cable?
How many HD's can you put on one SCSI cable?
1  2  3  4  5  6  or 7?
I have over enough intelligence to build a full cabinet.
6-8 2U's, a good Ethernet 2U system. No need for a crossover cable, unless
your going to try to use small four port systems. Do you have any clue of
how to
put a crossover cable from a four port router to another one?

I know all these answers, with no need to look them up.
Why haven't I went and got my A+ Cert. Yet?
That's a good question, I only need to know a small amount of the new stuff,
and I'll pass no problem. Right now, my score would be around 75%
Without studying.

Want to try my intelligence, there you go.

Re: OT? or OT.

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HVD not used much anymore. (H)igh (V)oltage (D)ifferential. SCSI
LVD as far as I know, wide 320 is still in use, or plain Ultra 320. Still
uses (L)ow (V)oltage (D)ifferential

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The really big difference is cost.
While SATA SAS uses the same SATA cables as normal SATA.
SCSI SAS uses a slighter bigger cable.
SATA SAS can be split using a special cable to split off more SATA cables to
hook up more drives.
A little fuzzy here.
I believe SCSI SAS does the same thing, but the cost of a SCSI SAS drive
costs more then your regular
SCSI drive.

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Getting obsolete, EIDE use to be the best, unless you could afford SCSI.

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Floppy drives, also getting obsolete.

Quoted text here. Click to load it
7, but when using SCSI, that all depends on your.
Would you believe, such a tech head like me, and I can remember what the
correct name for the stopper is at the end of a SCSI cable is called?
Damn it. Most of the above answers are right, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and almost
never 8.
That stopper thing, which for some reason or another, I just can't remember
it's right name,
tells a computer to stop looking for more drives.
Moving on, as I'm LOL.

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End comments.
I prefer SATA at this point, I boot using SATA. I use MS Windows Server 2003
Enterprise Edition.
I don't like it as much as Vista, but ASUS never released good drivers for
their PC-DL Deluxe.
There's plenty of speed there, just no good driver support.

Thanks for reading my bullshit.

Fievel..   :-)

Re: OT? or OT.

dlwstrausser@comcast.net says...
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 The sad thing is you probably think somebody gives a shite.

 Welcome to the killfile for self deluded dweebs.


Re: OT? or OT.

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You don't give a shite, but yet you still posted a reply?
Question, why?


Re: OT? or OT.

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He has a point though. Just what are you on?

BTW...ribbon cables aren't just for floppy drives!


Re: OT? or OT.

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Well yes, IDE can be thought of as a rinnbin cable.
Same with SCSI

And DOH!! Should've known.


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