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I've noticed price of ram is low, so I was think of getting a paired set
512meg x 2.  Is there any point in the dual chennal stuff?

I also have a asus nforce II 333 board.  What is a good cheap 400 based
board. I have a 2500barton that will do 3200, but my current board isn't
stabe at 400.

Re: ot Dual chennal memory

On Tue, 02 Aug 2005 11:33:30 -0400, mark wrote:

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For the 1000+ time, There's no such thing as dual channel ram. It's just
2 sticks of identical ram, which is preferred (but not required) when the
board supports dual channel. On the K7 system, unless using on board
graphics, dual channel provides very little system improvement. I've seen
1% thrown around by several people.

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And you're sure the problem is the board? Only a few early NF2 boards had
problems with 200MHz FSB. I've had no problem getting up to 215MHz out of
my Asrock K7S8X with sis 746FX chipset. YMMV. Any of the newer chipsets
should easily do 200MHz +. VIA KT600 and later. SIS 748, Nvidia NF2
400/ultra, Ali ?.

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Re: ot Dual chennal memory

Well he said he has a barton 2500+, a cpu that doesn't support 400 FSB.  Now
overclocking is a slippery slope. Could be the board, ram, or cpu that
doesn't like the overclock and only trial and error will tell you usually.

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Re: ot Dual chennal memory


I benched my system as dual and single channel and saw a 10% improvement for
dual channel with MATLAB floating point benchmarks under windoze.  I do a
lot of number crunching.  I don't know if it makes a difference playing

I have 2 x1 GBs of matched PC3500 OCZ RAM and was running at 11.5 x 216.
The MoBo was a DFI UI board and the CPU was an XP 2600M.

Also, we had two identical but unmatched modules of generic PC3200 RAM that
would not run stably in dual channel mode.  Took a bit of time to isolate
that problem.

Best wishes,


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