(OT) Athlon XP or Sempron?

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Wanting to build a new machine and can't find
info on AMD site comparing XP with Sempron.
Since the Sempron is much cheaper for supposedly
the same speed chip there must be a reason?
Anyone know what the differences are?

Re: (OT) Athlon XP or Sempron?

I think Semprons are the old Athlon XPs. In other words Sempron is the new
name for Athlon XP. I'm sure I will be corrected if this is not right.

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Re: (OT) Athlon XP or Sempron?

basically semprons are old athlon xp chips with throughbred b cores.
Although they all have high pr numbers the clock rate are actually lower
than there xp equivilents. Plus all semprons have locked multipliers

I heard that the xp situation is quite bad their in the states for people
wanting an xp, so my advice is buy

a) buy an old one off ebay
b) buy a athlon xp moblie and overclock it( your'll have fun doing that)
c) get a sempron 3000, uses the thornton core and runs at about 2ghz,
closest to a barton as it has 512k cache. the amd site lists it for $100

i personally have a 2600, works great for me but i haven't really been able
to test how well it o/c's cause of my mobo

Also with the prices of 754 semprons i would seriously consider getting a
754 system, everone says its dead, but hey so is socket a, and it offers a
much better upgrade path then a socket a system.

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Re: (OT) Athlon XP or Sempron?

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The reason it is much cheaper is that you are getting much less speed with a
misleading speed rating. The Sempron rating is supposed to compare it's
speed to the Intel P4 Celeron lineup. But of course most people looking at
the box or websites assume the name equates to other AthlonXP speeds. It
doesn't. The Sempron 2400+ has a 166Mhz bus, clock speed of 1667Mhz, 256Kb
L2 Tbred core. This is identical to the speed of an Athlon XP 2000+ which
has a 256Kb L2 Tbred core and 1667Mhz. They're mostly overpriced
underperforming marketing hype. The Sempron 2400+ will perform slightly
better than the Athlon XP2000+ due to the 133Mhz FSB of the XP200+. The only
one worth considering is the Barton cored Sempron 3000+, with has 512Mb L2
and a core speed of 2000Mhz. This is identical to the Barton XP2800+.
There's also a Socket 754 Sempron which has a crippled, slow A64 core that's
not worth the money either.

Re: (OT) Athlon XP or Sempron?

"  There's also a Socket 754 Sempron which has a crippled, slow A64 core
that's not worth the money either.  "


Where's that Sempron 3100+ in the Doom3 FPS list?  Maybe your statement
needs rephrasing.

Re: (OT) Athlon XP or Sempron?

Cuzman wrote:
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Right in between the 3.0 and 3.2 GHz Prescotts. Not too shabby really,
considering it costs about half the price of a P4 3.2 (local variations, etc
etc). And miles ahead of the AXPs. But also trailing every single A64.

In terms of fps per dollar (and looking only at K8 CPUs), the order is the
2800+ and the Sempron 3100 tied in first place (the Sempron is about 0.2%
worse, which is probably a good order of magnitude less than the standard
deviation in the FPS numbers), the 3000+, 3400+, 3500+, and finally the
3800+. This is based off the prices at www.pricespy.co.nz, so again, local
variations etc etc.

The only differences between the A64 2800+ and the Sempron 3100+ is the
cache (512KB and 256KB respectively) and the Sempron having x86-64 turned
off, though hopefully this latter thing will be "fixed" when Intel gets
around to turning x86-64 on in the Celerons.

All in all, I would say that the A64 2800+ and the Sempron 3100+ are pretty
much neck and neck in terms of value. Me, I'd probably go the A64 since (a)
it's less than $NZ10 more expensive (b) you get x86-64 and 512KB cache, and
(c) it's easier to get a 90nm A64 2800+ than to get a 90nm Sempron 3100+.
It's not that the 3100+ is bad compared to the other Semprons (which don't
even compare), it's just that you can get quite a bit more for very little
more $$$. If the Sempron 3100+ was $NZ20 or more cheaper then it would
become a sensible option, but with it's current pricing and feature-list, it
just doesn't cut it.


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Thanks to all who replied.

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