Opteron on socket 939

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I tried to find informations about differences between Opteron (socket 939)
and Athlon 64 san-diego core.
I offently read that it's about the same but what is exactly the (little)
technical difference ?
I've read that it's perhaps on extra HT links ???

If they are exactly identical, that mean that :
- a64 3700 is the same as Opteron 148 (monocore - 2.2GHz - 1024/L2)
- a64 4000 is the same as Opteron 150 (monocore - 2.4GHz - 1024/L2)

Very strange to make 2 models for the same think.

In an other way, assuming Opteron are identical with a64 san-diego, is it
true that it's more easy to have good OC on Opteron than on a64 ?

Thanks for any link or explanation,

Re: Opteron on socket 939

My understanding is that all Opterons have 1mb L2 cache (unlike the
various speed x64 CPUs), including the slower ones.
They are also supposed to go through more extensive testing, which
means a given binned speed will probably OC better as well.
I have a 144 Opty running 2.7Ghz (1.8Ghz is stock) @ 300x9 FSB, with
only a 0.05VCore increase.


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