Opteron 165 motherboard?

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I'm putting together a system with an Opteron 165 dual-core processor.
I know about the Asus boards, but that's about all I know.
I will be using this to edit video and code & burn DVDs occasionally.
Any opinions on what a good value would be? I'd rather not have to go
high-end if I can avoid it.
I'd like a serial port, parallel port, USB, and Firewire, but I can
always pick up a PCI card if necessary. Onboard graphics are fine--I
have an old PCI video card right now and hardly use its potential.

Re: Opteron 165 motherboard?

I got a Foxconn 6150K8MA-8EKRS

great board and easily oveclocks.. Im a n00b at overclocking but i got
my opty 165 to 2.34 stable with ease.


On Wed, 28 Dec 2005 21:55:36 GMT, I'mnot@home.yet wrote:

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Re: Opteron 165 motherboard?

I just built a friend a system using an Asus A8N-E and I'd definetly
recommend it.  The set up was flawless, everything works first try,
lots of extra slots, PCI-e X16, X4, 2 X1's and old PCI.  If you don't
need SLI, this board is great, of all of my systems I've built for
customers, I've always used the A8N-E, works awesome.  No onboard
video, but that old PCI video card will work fine.


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