Opteron 156 or a FX60

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Question .... if you had a choice between the fastest single core CPU made
for the Opteron ... an Opteron 156 - 3.0 GHz with 1 mb of cache or the
fastest Dual core CPU, the FX60 .... 2.6Ghz with 2 mb cache .. what would
you choose.

I currently have a 939 MB (ASUS A8n-E with a FX53 CPU - x1950 Pro video
card).  No, I don't want to go Intel right now.  I can get one of these
CPU's for a great deal right now.

Assuming money is not an issue, and from only a user standpoint ... which
would you rather have and why?

I use this machine for 75% gaming, 5% video encoding and 20% other stuff.

Re: Opteron 156 or a FX60

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No question, the FX60 for me. I'd have that puppy at or near 3.0Ghz without
difficulty within minutes with just a decent Zalman. There's just many
things now that benefit from multicore....my main box is an twin Raptor RAID
0 A64 4000+ San Diego at over 2.7Ghz. My laptop is a new Dell  Latitude with
an Intel T7400 (2.167Ghz 4Mb) Core 2 Duo. Both XP Pro with 2 gigs. There's
plenty of times my laptop runs circles around my desktop when it's doing
multiple tasks. And believe me, if the DX10 Quadro 140M 256Mb was better
than my 7800GTX for Bioshock, the laptop would be way better at running it
than any single core. But it's performs more like an 8500GT. Anyway, I

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