Opteron 148 vs. San Diego 3700+

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In comparing these two processors, I can't seem to find much difference
other than a couple of buck and the box color.

What's the difference and what application would favor one over the other?

Re: Opteron 148 vs. San Diego 3700+

Cal Vanize wrote:
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There is no difference (if you're talking about the S939 1xx Opterons) apart
from the label and the CPUID information. The 148 is just a rebadged 3700+.
The only thing is that at the moment, the 1xx Opterons seem to be coming out
of higher speed bins so can be overclocked further than their A64-labelled
versions. The better buys are actually the slower 1xx Opterons (144, 146)
which also seem to be coming out of decent bins, have the 1MB cache, and are
quite cheap.

In fact, all the current non-mobile K8 chips are eaxctly the same as every
other current K8 chip with the same cache, just with different things
enabled and on different packages.

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