Opteron 144 & Ultra X Connect 500w PSU?

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Would this ULTRA X-Connect UV Green 500W run fine with two molexless MSI
NX6800-TD128E (MS-8984) in SLI mode
including 2 80mm fans, one WD30gb hdd, DVD-rom/CDRW writer, 2x512mb
DDR on Albatron K8SLI running an Operton 144?

Re: Opteron 144 & Ultra X Connect 500w PSU?

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For guidance on power supplies, try here:

Use the scroll bar, scroll to the bottom. The supply you list
above, is probably not the one listed on the Nvidia page. In
any case, based on some accounts of people's experiences dealing
with Ultra, I would not do business with them. YMMV, especially as
some people are rabid fans of the company.


Yours appears to be a "mid-range" system, according to this:

Since you say the video cards don't have a Molex or PCI Express
power plug, all the +12V flows through the PCI Express edge
card. The motherboard doesn't appear to have anything to assist
the main power connector (no Molex near the video card slots).


The power listed in this article, is for the AGP version. I would
not expect the PCI Express version to use much more power. Based
on the 12V current requirements listed here for a 6800 (say about
2.5A total on +12V), that would be about 5A for two cards. A single
12V wire on a 20 pin power connector is rated for 6A, so in this case,
I'd probably insist on a 24 pin power connector type power supply,
for best stability. The 24 pin power supply has two 12V pins and
wires, and that makes room for additional current to flow when it
is required by SLI. (The fan headers on the motherboard, are
the only other load on that 12V pin. The CPU 12V comes from the
separate 2x2 CPU power connector.)


There are probably other supplies in the Nvidia list I would not
touch. The Antec NeoHE would be one of them, due to problems with
stability/posting. In any case, a Google search may turn up first
hand accounts of experiences with the supplies, or check the Newegg
customer reviews for the power supply you want, as a means of
determining whether it is a dog or not. The Seasonic S12 series
is pretty high efficiency, which means not a lot of heat should
come out of that PSU. The FSP power supplies usually have a
good reputation as well.

Also, if you are in the market for a supply that has removable
cabling, be aware that at least one of those product types, allows
the connectors to be installed backwards, where they plug into
the power supply. This has resulted in some people blowing
disk drives, so if you really want removable cables, be careful
to install the cables the right way round.


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