Opinion about clocking on my 2800+

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While I have essentially underclocked my processor ever so slightly, I would
think that I have actually improved the performance, if I am following thing

My setup:
AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (Barton Core)
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe

Proper specs for the processor are: Mult. 12.5 and FSB 166 (2.083GHz)
My current specs are: Mult. 11.5 and FSB 179 (2.0617GHz)
The motherboard lists this as an XP 2600+, but I'm assuming it's basing that
on the multiplier?

I am to assume that this configuration would be a better performer than
stock, even though the clock speed is slightly slower, as the bus speed is
higher, correct?  Or am I missing something here?  Would I be better off
leaving it in stock formation?

Also, memory timing...  Not sure what the deal is with that.  I've done some
reading, but am just not sure what exactly the deal is with that...

I've got 2x512MB Crucial DDR PC3200 operating in Dual Channel mode.
According to nVidia nTune, they are part numbers: 8VDDT6464AG-40BCB and
8VDDT6464AD-40BC1 (if that helps anyone out)
Settings are as follows:
Active Precharge Delay ------ 7
RAS to CAS Delay ---------- 3
RAS Precharge Delay ------- 3
CAS Latency ---------------- 2.5T

Any advice on memory timings?  Really not sure what to do with those.  I
also can't recall if those are the default settings, or if I had changed
them...  I think I change the 2.5T from 2.0T and the 7 from 8, but I could
be wrong...  It's been a LONG time since I fussed with the BIOS...

Re: Opinion about clocking on my 2800+

On Tue, 13 Jun 2006 11:10:39 -0500, FeMaster wrote:

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More than likely based on the clockspeed, but it doesn't matter.
Quoted text here. Click to load it
It's not going to make any noticable difference either way.

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My advice is that if it works don't fix it.;-)
As ram is only accessed 10% of the time it really doesn't have a great
affect on performance. The general rule is to run the ram bus at the same
as the FSB to keep them in sync. That's been proven to perform better than
running the ram at higher speeds than the FSB speed. Still, not really

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Re: Opinion about clocking on my 2800+

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I wasn't sure if it would or not...  I recall reading that a faster FSB
provided a more noticable performance boost than an increase in the speed of
the processor itself, within reason...

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The RAM is running at 100% sync with the FSB speed, so I'm set their...

Thanks for the reply...

Re: Opinion about clocking on my 2800+

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006, FeMaster typed this :
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It was noticeable when bumping a Pentium MMX up from 66MHz to 100MHz
FSB, (and it ran at 250MHz for 18 months without a hiccup.)  :-)
(Sorry - OT - this is an AMD NG after all)

I run my present Barton XP2800 at 10.5x200 (2100MHz), but I don't really
notice any difference over the stock settings and can't be bothered to
benchmark it - it works reliably and that's good enough.
Roger Hunt

Re: Opinion about clocking on my 2800+

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I'm wondering if I can get away with that...  I seem to have major problems
with crashing once I get the FSB to 180 and anything beyond 184 just won't
boot...  Think lowering the Mult. would help that out any?  I may have done
that in the past, but like I said, it's been a while since I played around
with any of the settings...  In any case, I'll try to test it, but it won't
be for a few days before I get time...

Re: Opinion about clocking on my 2800+

FeMaster wrote:
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Does you mobo have locked PCI/AGP frequencies? If not that's possibly the
cause of your problems when you get up to 180MHz. That or your RAM isn't

Re: Opinion about clocking on my 2800+

FeMaster wrote:
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My XP1800+ T'bredB is running at 200 x 10 (2GHz) at default vcore and is
doing twice the work it did at the original spec. (133 x 11.5 for 1.53GHz?)

Why don't you run your Barton at 200FSB? Is your RAM not PC3200? Or does
your mobo link the PCI and AGP to FSB?

I'm lucky with CPUs. My main machine is a Barton XP2500+ that's running
stock vcore and multi (it's unlocked though) on a 200FSB and is being
reported as an XP3200+. If I run it at 200 x 10 I can drop the vcore to 1.5v
and have it Prime stable with the die temp idling at less than 10C above

With the T'bred, I could run the CPU stably at higher Hz rating on a lower
FSB. (133 x 16, 2.13GHz was easy) This was reflected in the benchmarks I
ran. At the same Hz, the higher FSB does more work, needs more vcore and
runs hotter.

Make sense?

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