OC'd 3800+ x2 acts erratic, help me find the problem?

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I have recently built a new system based based on the following

Athlon X2 3800+ (manchester core)
Thermaltake MiniTyphoon
Arctic Silver 5
Gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939
2x1GB Kingston ValueRAM PC3200

I've got a ton of other
hardware in the case but I doubt it is
particularly important to the issue I'm

Since nearly day one I clocked this machine up to 2.42 GHz and it
seemed to be stable.  I didn't touch the voltage settings to do so.
All I did
was set the HTT to x4 and the ram divider so that it was
still at 400MHz

A day
or so ago I decided to kick it up to 2.5 GHz and see how it
behaved.  It seemed
to be working alright, running what I thought
were reasonable temps, until it
just blue screened for no reason and
rebooted.  I figured this might have
something to do with the fact
that the memory was actually slightly OC'd at this
point so I kicked
it back down to 2.42 GHz.  I figured by rights I should
torture test
this setup just to see how stable it really is.

According to the
gigabyte monitoring software (which I really hate
BTW, but MBM doesn't work with
this board) the temps leveled off at
59*C after running for about 45 minutes.  I
felt this was a little on
the warm side, but still within spec for the
processor.  I figured as
long as it wasn't rising anymore I would let it run so
I went to

This morning the machine was locked up.  It hadn't blue
screened, but
it wouldn't do anything else either.  A quick punch of the reset
button brought it right back to life, but obviously it's not

I was
hoping to get some input from the pros about exactly where the
problem would be
in such a situation.  Since the RAM is not OC'd with
this configuration I
wouldn't think that would be the problem.
Furthermore since the system has been
stable under "normal"
use for over a week at 2.42 GHz, I can't help but feel
like it's a
thermal issue.

What do you think?

My case has a LOT of hardware in
it so the machine does tend to run
pretty warm.  I can probably manipulate some
fans around to gain more
cooling, I just didn't want to waste the effort if it
wasn't a thermal

The computer idles at 36*C but obviously will go as
high as 59* when
pressed for extended periods.  

If it's not a thermal issue,
where else should I look?

Re: OC'd 3800+ x2 acts erratic, help me find the problem?

Plemons says...
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You overclocked it and went too far. Mileage varies with overclocking.
THere's not just the CPU and RAM to think about but the mobo chipset
and potentially anything plugged into a slot.


"I have as much authority as the pope, I just
don't have as many people who believe it" - George Carlin

Re: OC'd 3800+ x2 acts erratic, help me find the problem?

Nathan Plemons wrote:

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Without testing the various limits of the system, how can you have any
idea of stability or issues?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

That's way too hot for 50% load. If I remember correctly, that CPU is
rated up to 60'C only.

My x2 3800+ only hits 57' with a 50% load, and that's with the heatsink
fan unplugged. I'm using a very good cooler though - a Zalman 9500. A
good cooler is essential if you want to overclock.

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Even though the RAM may not be over clocked very much (at 242 MHz it is
overclocked), there are other variables to take into account.

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The only way to ensure a computer is stable, is to run a torture test
like Prime95 on BOTH cores at 100% load for 8 hours minimum and 24 hours
preferred. Running all three tests is even better.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You have to go through a complete series of tests to find out exactly
what and where the limits are for each section of the computer. CPU,
memory controller, chipset, and RAM.

I think you need to Google some "overclocking guide"s and read up on the
process, then test, test, test.

Then after that, test, test, test some more.


It's just not as simple as jacking up the FSB and hoping for the best.

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