Next Gen Opteron Power Consumption

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I saw in another thread that Opteron prices were being reduced, so I
looked on the AMD web pages to see why.  I assume it can only be to make
  room for "Next Generation Opteron" but there was something about the
specs. which seemed odd to me.  The power consumption figures are only a
little different to the previous revision and they're quite
significantly higher than the Athlon parts.  Why is that?

For example the socket AM2 A64X2 4000+ (2.0GHz, 2x1MB L2) comes in 89 &
65W varieties, while the socket AM2 Opt1212 (2.0GHz, 2x1MB L2) only has
an 103W version.  (Incidentally I've not found a place selling a 4000+).

The socket F versions seem to do slightly better, there are 95 & 68W
versions of most of those, a bit more in line with the A64X2's.

Re: Next Gen Opteron Power Consumption

Neil wrote:
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The 4000+ along with all other 2x1MB X2s bar the new 5200+ were
discontinoued way back in June. Some of these are still around but for
fairly high prices.

Also, remember that you're talking about TDP not power consumption. TDP
figures are given for system cooling purposes and although related to
power consumption, TDP doesn't actuallt tell you the power consumption.
I'm not sure whether AMD measures the TDP of their X2s and Opties in
the same way but even if they do, remember that this is for the series.
Just because a Opteron has a higher TDP then an A64 doesn't mean it has
a higher power consumption.

Of course, it's possible the Opties do have higher power consumption.
AMD's primary concern with the Opty series is stability not power

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