Newbie: OC Advice: AMDXP2200 CPU

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Re: Newbie: OC Advice: AMDXP2200 CPU

Please don't post 500+ lines of copy/pasted non essentials when asking for  
help. It's painful to go through, and most wont. Assuming it's a locked XP  
unit, Anyway, you want a 142Mhz FSB for 2.0 Ghz. Judging from your lengthy  
post, you've got than just the fsb to deal with. You're running 266Mhz DDR  
at 200Mhz as well. There's much more to say, but you need to ask specific  

Re: Newbie: OC Advice: AMDXP2200 CPU

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 23:32:17 +0000, Donald Bock wrote:

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All we needed to know was the MB and CPU models. Shuttle AK35 MB (KT266A)
is fine, but to rasie the speed up to 2000MHz, you need a B core 2200+.
I'd guess you have that since vcore was reported at only 1.57v. So all you
need to do is raise vcore to about 1.65v and change the multiplier to 15
for 2000MHz. How everyou might want to use a 16 multiplier for 2133MHz (a
2600+) or maybe even 17 fro 2266MHz (will probably need 1.75v). If your
cpu is a newer locked model you are pretty much screwed with the AK35 MB
Your only option then would be to turn it into a mobile via the bridges.

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