newbie AMD64 question

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Okay realize I am a total newbie to AMD CPUZ

Well I recently purchased amd64 3200+ 2.2ghz newcastle socket 754 cpu and
Asus K8N mobo
with 1 gig pc3200 ddr sdram
I am totally satisified (content for now ) with default clock speeds and
settings , but I am having a bit of trouble grasping the difference between
the Intel bus design versus the AMD64 bus all the multipliers and options in
the bios/motherboard seem to be a lil different then what i am accustom to
could someone please direct me to information or explain ( remember i am a
newbie to this ) the differnces between the Intel and AMD 64
I want to attempt to overclock someday as of now i am running everything in
Bios settings as default

Please help a newb out of a jam !

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