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Well I recently built my own machine, specs as follows

All of this inside of a Lian Li mid-size ATX case:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ (stock cooled and OC'd from 2.2 to 2.6 GHz)
Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe mobo (nForce 590)
XFX GeForce 8800 GTS (OC'd to 620 core, 1000 vram with stock cooling)
2 GB of G-Skill DDR2 800 MHz
SoundBaster Audigy2 ZS
Western Digital Raptor 10k RPM 30 gig SATA, and a Caviar 320 gig SATA
680W Apevia PSU
+ some other minor things, DVD drives, floppy, etc. stuff you dont need
to know.

So I'm wanting to get into trying to overclock this thing better than
I'm able to right now. I've always done air cooling, and this case has
plenty of fans (2 120mm [one on the front, one on the side] and 2
90mm's [top and back]. Keeps it decently cool, CPU temp never rises
above 45c under load, but when I try pushing the 2.6 boundary, I get
the inevitable freeze and reboot. Same thing goes for the video card.

Now I know there aren't many water cooled solutions for the 8800 GPU
yet, though Swiftech recently made an adapter plate for the MCW60 GPU
waterblock to use with it, which you can get with VRAM heatsinks. Now,
I know I want to go with swiftech for the waterblocks, since they also
make this MCW-Ramcool water block specifically for GeForce cards. Most
of the parts I get will be swiftech, but my question is, since i have
quite limited room in my case (mid-size ATX which is being hogged
mostly by the gigantic video card and the side case fan), what sort of
pump/reservior/radiator do you folks suggest for the setup I plan?
Considering the limited space I figure I may need to keep some of the
parts even then let me know what you folks think. Thanks
in advance.

Re: new to water cooling skrev:
Quoted text here. Click to load it


u can have all except the blocks outside if u want (i did).

i mounted pump, reservoir, radiators and fans in a crate and have the hoses
to/from this
thing going inside the computer box. (i can disconnect the two units, the crate
is easy to
lift then.)

i settled to this setup after some rebuilds with different pumps, radiators etc.

my rig:

pump:         hydor l30
radiator:    2x hardware labs black ice extreme II (room for 4x 120mm fans on each)
reservoir:    5 liter tank
cpu-block:    swifttech mcw5000-a (from a h20 8500 kit)
gpu-block:    swifttech mcw50 (from a h20 8500 kit)
hose:        " id pvc hose image)

i use 2x 120mm fans on each radiator running silent mode (fan controller).

my cpu is a amd x2 4400+ 939 @ 2500mhz (1.4v) and never seen any temps over 35c
(diod) even
after hours with prime95/gamings...

ps. fan controllers/# of fans/pumps etc: my gf card reported 50c right after
start and i
tried to make this better but now i know it always just shows 49/50/51c
(obvious wrong)
what ever i do to the rig.

i had a l20 pump (-> l30) and had only " od hose (-> " id) + the hose-split
points was
inside the computer box (-> right after pump & right in front of reservoir, see

outcome? cpu temps just dropped 1c as far as i could test it with prime...

the l20 is more silent than the l30 pump, but will not swap back...


4x fans (2x by 2x, front & backside) on the rads do not improve anything, just


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