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Hey everyone,

I'm going to be building another system soon and i need some info on a few

I'm looking at getting an A64-3200 venice cpu, I have some 2x512 double
sided ram modules that i'd like to use. The main issues i'm seeing with the
boards is that i need something that supports agp and can use my 2x512
doublesided memory in ddr400 mode. hopefully the board will be able to
overclock well and maybe even support pci-e. I'm not looking for the board
to suport pci-e video, just maybe an audgy4 or other addin cards. I have a
Geforce 6600GT AGP that is going to be used with the system as well.

Any help would be much appreciated

Re: New System

My Gigabyte K8NS-939 (nforce 3 ultra) does ok with my Winchester 3200+ and
MSI 6600GT AGP (aperture=256).

If you're into serious memory overclocking, it only lets you raise the
memory voltage by .2v.

I'm running four 512Mb Kingmax pc3200's at ddr400 in dual channel.

To see the extra stuff in the bios press CTRL + F1 or it's hidden.

An easy overclock to 3800+ (for the 3200+):
cpu multiplier auto (=10x)
Clock 240
vcore 1.5 (from 1.4)
ht ratio 4x (=960)
memory at 166 (=200)
Give it some hours on memtest86 and prime95 torture test to make sure it's

My issue with it is that the serial raid controller doesn't show up in
bootitng (boot/partition manager) when in raid 0. For those that don't use
bootitng that wouldn't be a problem. I guess if I want to go serial RAID
I'll have to get a pci hardware controller.

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