my 3200 venice so far...

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well, after RMA'ing my DFI crossfire board, I got an MSI neo4 platinium and
couldn't be happier.
so far i'm completely stable, not sure where to go next.
my first OC would pass OCCT but would freeze on the cpu tests in 3dmark05. I
raised the voltage from 1.45 to 1.54 (+10%) and now all is fine, several
benchmarks and several OCCT passes and all is stable. Played BF2 all weekend
and not a single in game crash.

what I have:
antec 550 true control PS
MSI neo4
3200 (2ghz)
corsair pc4400 2x512
x800 xt (unlocked to 16 pipes and OC to 564/564)

what I did:
very simple to start, I just lowered my ht bus from 5x to 4x, raised freq to
250, disabled Kool & Quiet, and left all else the same.
so I got 2.5ghz
memory at 250mhz  2.5,4,4,8 (default spd) 2.65v
vcore at 1.54

Just wondering where to go next, my main use is online gaming so I need 100%
stable as a priority. I could be wrong, but in the bios it looks like 10x is
the highest cpu multiplier avalible so I guess I would need to figure out
different multiplier combinations for higher clocks, I have a amd overclock
calculator I downloaded that does the math, just wondering what's the best
method? what ever keeps my ht closest to 2k without going over?
also, currently using stock cooler with Arctic Silver5, temps around 32 idle
39-40 full load.(seems ok)

now Im wondering if i would benifit more from higher cpu clock or more
agressive memory timings, If so, what to adjust.

my 3dmark 2005 scores as I progressed showed video cards really makes the
biggest difference:

step1 stock                                                  4461
step2 unlock video card to 16pipes              4996
step3 overclock videocard to 564/564        6357
step4 overclock cpu to 2500mhz                  6749

this board also has built in 'dynamic overclocking'. anyone used it or
tested it? possibly throw that on top of my default overclock to achieve a
higher max without overclocking to the max all the time.

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