MSI K8N SLI Platinum N4 chipset cooling

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Hi all,

After having problems with power supply compatibility, I've finally got
my pc up and running. (With audio ;-) )

Now there is something disturbing me a lot. The chipset cooler from MSI
is too loud.
I want to replace it but I'm not sure whith what. Lot's of people say
it's better to get one of Zalman's heat sinks (ZM-NB32J) or (ZM-NB47J)
but they are too big and I think that they will interfere with the
graphic card. Besides, for overclocking I don't trust passive cooling.

So I'm currently checking the cooling solutions from
thermaltake:Crystal Orb or Orange Orb. The question is will they fit ?
Are they enough for the system ?

The noise produced is around 26dba, does anybody know how much the
current msi cooler produces ?

If you have already done something, please let me know if it works (and
it's silent)

Thank you.


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