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Just a quick question,
How far out is MBM in temp readout??
5/10/15 degrees celcius, less, more?
I only ask coz MBM shows the CPU running at 44 with not much happening, but
CMOS shows about 55 at same.

Running the following.........
GA 7VT600 + XP3200+
1gb Kingston DDR400
2x HDD   2xOptical drives
300watt PS
TV Tuner/Cap card

Thanks for any info.

Re: MotherBoard Monitor

On Tue, 02 Aug 2005 18:03:20 +1000, oldwolf wrote:

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That would depend on how far out you set it when you configured it. You
did do that didn't you?

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Maybe, maybe not.

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Normally, the bios puts considerably more load on the cpu than the idle OS
and would thus be higher, but usually no more than 5-6C in my experience

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And cooler? And case temp? And room temp? All factors to be considered.

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Re: MotherBoard Monitor

oldwolf wrote:
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How far out is what out from what? The value reported in the BIOS? The
actual spot-temperature at the internal diode? The average die temperature?
Short of using an external temperature measuring circuit and calibrating the
setup with a water bath, there's no way of knowing how far out it is from
the spot temperature. Then you've got the whole internal vs external issue

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I've seen variation of 20 deg C between motherboards (both reading the die
temperature) and smaller (but still significant) variations between
identical boards. If pressed, I'd say that assuming it's a diode
temperature, it would almost certainly be within 15 deg C of the true spot
temperature, probably within 10 deg C.

Not that the absolute temperature actually matters, anyhow ...


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