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Im torn between the ABIT AN8 Ultra PCI-E, MSI K8N Neo-4 & the DFI
LANPARTY UT nF4 ULTRA-D boards, i`ll be using an AMD64 3200 Venice CPU
with a Zalman CNPS7700Cu cooler, besides wanting your comments on which
is the best board I would also like to know if my chosen cooler will fit
any of the boards as I understand its pretty large.

Thanks in advance

Re: Mobo`s

Red Lizard wrote:
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I am using the DFI board that you mention and the same Zalman HSF with
no problem at all except....

The bottom memory slot is a little difficult to get the memory in and
out (but how often do you do this..?) with the Zalman fitted. BUT don;t
believe that it is impossible it is just not as easy as using the other
slots that's all. I have used Geil, Crucial and Corsair memory in the
board and all have them have the heat spreaders on and yet removal and
insertion to and from that slot is fine.

The only 'real' problem that I have had with the board is that it can be
fussy with Corsair memory. My 3200 XMS sticks would not work together
but would work ok individually. Both my Geil and Crucial Balistix memory
work fine.

Would I have bought the board again.....


(sat here with my AMD CPU running at 10x300)

Good luck


Hard drive noise...... /

Re: Mobo`s

Morgan wrote:
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Thanks for your comments Morgan, its a tough job selecting a mobo,
theres so many models to choose from.


Re: Mobo`s

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not really too many good models to choose from. there's DFI, MSI, Abit and
Asus really in the top shelf of mobos. I just got an Asus AN8 SLI premium
motherboard. it's wonderful. stable, reliable and all the features you could
want in a motherboard. it would get my vote anyday.

I'm currently running a 3800+ x2 at 2.45ghz (10x245) with 1:1 memory,
running 2x 512meg corsair 3200c2

did it without a hitch.

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