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Not really overclocking, more correct clocking & probably asked before...

I want to run an XP Mobile 4 1900+ in a desktop, PCCHIPS MoBo, that does
not support voltage or multiplier adjustments.  Part no is AXMH1900FLQ3C,
12x multiplier, 1.5v, 266FSB.  In the desktop is runs at 6x and 1.6v.

I'm not to bothered about the 1.6v, this is the different mobile voltage
setting though it would
be nice to have it right.  Is there any (easy?) way of getting back to 12x?
CPUMSR will set it
but this needs to be done manually on each startup.  Is there any software
than can be called
automatically on startup though I'd prefer a hardware approach?

I'm happy to wield the conductive paint but cutting links looks more
difficult as they appear to be
buried (the brown carrier material).


Chris K

Re: Mobile XP in Desktop

Besides the wire-in-the-socket thing

There is CrystalCPUID

You set the "multiplier management settings", then launch it with a shortcut
in programs/startup:

"C:\Program Files\CrystalCPUID\CrystalCPUID.exe" /CQ /HIDE"

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Re: Mobile XP in Desktop

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Thanks, that looks like a suitable tool.


Re: Mobile XP in Desktop

CJK wrote:
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What version of CPUMSR are you using? Starting 0.86, you can automated
the process by using a config file.

Re: Mobile XP in Desktop

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I was using 0.90.  I'll take a closer look, there is a save settings but I
couldn't spot the function to reinstate them from a startup shortcut.



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