Mobile Barton / Abit KD7 oc problems

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In a temporary computer I've got a mobile 2500+ on an Abit KD7 mobo.  Of
course, this mobo likes 133mhz fsb, but it should be able to support a
Barton at 166 (shouldn't it?).  I ran an oc'ed T'bred in it for a long time,
with no problems, but I absolutely cannot make it run this Barton at 166mhz.
It has no trouble running at 2ghz+ with a higher multiplier, but it doesn't
like it at all when I up the fsb.  What might be the problem?  I've jacked
up the voltages, and even pulled out all PCI cards (although the board
basically locks the pci/agp dividers with it's 5/2/1 option).  I've tried
all sorts of memory timings and even different RAM, all PC3200 or higher.
The cpu runs at 166mhz and even 200mhz fsb in other boards, but it simply
won't cooperate in the KD7.  What am I missing?



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