Messed up CPU Cache resistors

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I managed to mess up the resistors on top of my old Barton XP-2500, with
some careless HSF manouvres.

The CPU is now in my dad's PC, and, as a result of a few broken
resistors, reports only having 64k instead of 512K cache!! Effectively
I've turned it into an XP-2500 Duron!!

He doesn't do anything particularly 'hungry' on the machine. Mainly web
browsing, some basic image editing and some Office applications. To be
honest, I've not really noticed any degradation under this usage.

Would it be true to say that if he is avoiding gaming, then he is
unlikely to be affected noticably by this reduction of cache RAM?



Re: Messed up CPU Cache resistors

Did you tell dadddy he was getting a crippled CPU? ;-)

Re: Messed up CPU Cache resistors

leadfoot wrote:
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Yeah ... but it was a freebie 'hand-me-up', so he wasn't too bothered!! :-)


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