MBM 5 or Speedfan?

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I'm looking for a program that will display both the CPU and Case temp in
the XP system tray.

These 2 both seem to do the job.

Can anyone tell me if one is better than the other?  (Or if there's a better
alternative that I've missed?)


Re: MBM 5 or Speedfan?

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005 19:11:18 GMT, Gazorp wrote:

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try also   alt.comp.freeware

Morgan O.

Re: MBM 5 or Speedfan?

I haven't looked into the program Morgan posted, so I can't say to
much about

I've used both MBM5 and Speedfan.  I like MBM5 better, but it stopped
updated over a year ago by the developer, whereas Speedfan has
regular updates.

I am currently using Speedfan, but do warn that the program can alter
fan speeds
and clock speeds.  Inadvertantly seting one wrong, i.e.
CPU fan to 0%, could be
catastrophic.  Be careful.

Re: MBM 5 or Speedfan?

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You could try MBProbe.  Has not been supported for a while but works with XP


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