Mb for 64 athlon

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Can someone here  tell me which Motherboard is " the best barebones as far
as features are concerned motherboard"? for an athlon 64 processor. I'd like
to set up a computer as a digital audio machine only with no bells and
Thanks for any suggestions.


Re: Mb for 64 athlon

if you don't mind 754

i think the asus K8n is great, only has spdif out if thats a problem and no  
firewire, but i think the latter is fixed by the k8nv i think
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Re: Mb for 64 athlon


That could very well be my choice..
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Re: Mb for 64 athlon

Yes, correct you all are. Great news group by the way!
I'm thinking Maudio delta 1010 or a MOTU 2408mk3 with sonar 4 on a simple
AMD setup. What would be more advantagious 939 or 754? If it lasts a few yrs
I'll be happy.  If  I can record hundreds of 24 bit mixes before she kicks
I'll be happy. By then I'll come in here and I'll look and ask again for the
next bitching amd combo.
I appreciate all input so far. Also, cpu and motherboard combo...what around
500.00 should get me something decent... right?

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Re: Mb for 64 athlon

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You don't need that good of a processor.

Skimp on the mobo/CPU (go NForce 2 and duron) and spend the extra money on a
good sound card.

500$ is probably ok if you don't need a monitor.


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