Matched memory for Turion x2 TL-52?

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Is there any advantage to using matched memory modules with a Turion x2

Currently have two PC2-5300 512MB sticks, and would like to replace one
with a 1GB PC2-5300 (plan to replace the other one later). Will
mismatched modules like this impact speed negatively?



Re: Matched memory for Turion x2 TL-52?

NSS wrote:
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According to this, your processor has a dual channel interface.
Which is hard to believe when there are only 638 contacts
on the socket. But the second link does seem to agree.,,30_118_13909_13913,00.html

Particulars of the TL-52:

If the sticks don't match, then the processor could use
virtual single channel mode. To test the difference, simply
remove one of the existing sticks. Operating with a
single stick, will be an emulation of what to expect when two
sticks that don't match are used. If the OS isn't too greedy,
maybe you can fit a small benchmark program, like maybe SuperPI,
and do a "before vs after" with one or two sticks of RAM. SuperPI
does access RAM, as part of its calculations, so the impact of
one versus two sticks should make a difference.


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