K6-III+ not overclocking?

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Hi Guys,

My old trusty Linux server (Asus TX97-E with K6-III+ 450) is running
smoothly over 3 years now without any problems. The chip is rated 2.0 volt,
450 MHz, so besides the FSB (running 75 MHz instead of 66 MHz) there is no
overclocking. The multiplier is 6x as you probably already figured out.

I remember having problems running this setup @ 500MHz when it was my
workstation a few years ago, but last week I thought to give it another try.

To check out if the 83 MHz FSB is stable, I clocked the proc @ 5.5 x 83 =
458MHz. That seems to be stable after a few days of running seti@home and
doing a few kernel compiles. Then I tried the 6 x 83 = 500 MHz. I have to
raise the voltage to 2.1 to make it boot the kernel. After a while the
problems raise. A few apps like top seg-faulted sometimes, and proper kernel
compiling failed randomly.

2.2 volt didn't help.

Very strange, since I heard succes stories of overclocking a 450MHz K6-III+
to 600MHz and more.

The 83MHz bus seems to be stable, so what can be the problem?

Temperature is fine (41 deg celcius at full load), power supply is

I thought that seg-faults are typical processor failures, right?

Any ideas?

Thanks for your input,



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