Jumping off the Intel ship.

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Howdy folks,

It's time to build a new box, and I've decided to turn over my P4 640
to my daughter, and build an AMD rig.

First off, I'm not really sure exactly what I'm going to do with it
yet, but I would like to have serious gaming as an option.

Right now I'm in the AMD Athlon 64 4000+  price range.

Question is, is it worth the xtra ~$30.00 for the AMD Athlon 64 X2
4200+ .

I like the performance of my P4 640 HT in terms of multitasking, but
so far my multiple events consist of burning cd's and using
Lightscribe, while surfing, and flying FS2004.

Would X2 be the way to go??

Is one chip more overclockable than the other??

I've had good luck with Asus mobo's, probably get one of their SLi

Not knowing much about hard core AMD chips, I'd like your input.

I plan on a decent graphics card and OC capable ram.

Oh and yes, a stable PSU.

I'm aware of the tricked up heatsinks, and will pick one accordingly.



Re: Jumping off the Intel ship.

Get the fastest one you can afford, load it with 2GB RAM and overclock it if
you want more.

A pair of Raptors would go nicely too.

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Re: Jumping off the Intel ship.


I was thinking one rap for sys, and something larger for archives.

I'd like to venture into scsi land but I don't think I can afford it
right now.

My main question is X2 or not. Is it worthwhile and why???

On Tue, 2 May 2006 18:00:34 -0400, "Oyip Hopsheda"

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Re: Jumping off the Intel ship.

If you are going to be doing all the stuff you said at the same time, I
would go dual core. Why not hang on a bit and get an X24800- thats the
equivalent of 2 4000s'. I agree with one raptor for OS and summat bigger for
data. If you enjoy simming, try F4:AF on your current system, then fly it
with a dual core AMD, as it is dual core aware- difference is brilliant with
the dynamic campaign engine. So, IMHO, you should get an X2 of whatever
rating is within budget, and I agree with the earlier post- put in 2GB ram,
it will help with ripping and simming. Hope this helps you.

Re: Jumping off the Intel ship.

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    Don't bother.  Sata is just as good.

    Remember you can get a lower rated X2 cpu and overclock it easily.  Look
for an 'overclocking friendly' motherboard review.  And yes, it would be
silly to buy an expensive new system and not pay $100 more for dualcore.


Re: Jumping off the Intel ship.

X2 does have some issues that seem to have been fixable buy going into
Ctrl-Alt-Del and setting the program to run with one of the cpus(affinity).
Something to be aware of. If you plan on going to Vista you may want to buy
a X2. Just make sure the motherboard you buy is able to run it without first
flashing the bios. Some motherboards will apparently only run certain
versions of processors. See the Msi review
model=K8N_Diamond_Plus&class=mb .
 Get the part number from www.amd.com before you do your shopping to get an
E6 for the MSI board. Even call the manufacturer if you have to.
Since you have an interest in serious gaming, the X2 does produce
inconsistent frame rates, slowing to 30 some fps. Single core processors
don't have that problem.
I believe someone said there was a fix for that too at microsoft
Parts I would recommend- MSI K8N Diamond plus, DFI seems to have good
reviews too
                                       - processor of your choice
                                       - sata hds
                                       - ATI has better graphic beauty than
Nforce, again you can decide. Stay away from sapphire. Their new X1000
series has some file corruption problems that don't seem easy to fix
                                         Go ATI X1800 at least
                                       - for power supply, get Enermax
Liberty 620 Watt. No complaints here about that brand. Have been complaints
about Thermaltake and Antec though. My Thermaltake PSU and 2 of their case
fans have packed it in for me already, and its at best 3 years old.

You will also want to make sure you have a nice big power supply. I have a
A8N-SLI-Deluxe sitting here right now for 3-4 weeks because it's giving me
power supply beeps( or a processor error.I have E2, Asus says that won't
work on this board and I should have researched first. I've been too lazy to
strip my box.......again....and hook it up to my 550 watt). Good luck and do
your research( hardocp, Tom's hardware, pcstats and a must- the manufactures
site of the products your going to buy) and check the specs.

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