Is the problem the SEMPRON?

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Sempron 2400

5 different sticks of 256 ram

Asrock   K7S41GX/E/M/ASR  motherboard

PCCHIPS   M825G   Motherboard

Western Digital WD400  40 gig hard drive

Maxtor 80 gig hard drive

Those are all the combinations

Using all of the Western digital software, the hard drive was low level
formatted three times. Partitioned to only c drive several times.
partitioned to c drive 50% and d drive 50%.

Drive low level formatted with no problem, partitioned with no problem,
formatted with no problem.

Using all of the MAXTOR software to low level, test, partition, and format
the 80 gig hard drive, everything tested and loaded fine.

Put Windows 98 CD in the cdrom and booted to install and it comes up with a
problem with the hard drive.

Change motherboards, change memory, change hard drives.

Usuing the 40 gig and using fdisk and format, the hard drive will format
with system installed and will not boot.

Boot with floppy and copy files to C drive with no problem, BUT, when I try
to run any dos program on the C drive, it comes up NOT READING DRIVE C.

The only part of this whole thing is that the same AMD Sempron 2400.

The first problem I had to begin with was that the computer wouldn't read
any CD-rom drive. It showed the CDROM in the bios, Loaded it as Drive D,
but, when I put in any cd and type DIR, they flashed a couple of times and
then nothing. That was with the Asrock motherboard. So I bought the pchcips
motherboard and the CDROMS started to work. But, then the hard drive
problems started.

From that point it has been downhill all the way.

Re: Is the problem the SEMPRON?

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Go into cmos and put all device into pio mode (win98 & dos like those)
Suggest you do not let the memory run faster than 333
Suggest get win2k or linux as win98 is too old for new motherboards

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read where ECS manufactures both Asrock and PcChips motherboards.  I have
several cheap (under 100USD mombo+chip) systems, all with sempron.  Biostar
and Jetway, all working fine with win2k.  Memory running at 333.

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Re: Is the problem the SEMPRON?

I agree that win 98 doesn't work on all new motherboards.

I couldn't load the nvidia video drivers without producing a non-boot.

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Re: Is the problem the SEMPRON? says...

 Try a new 80 wire cable.  Fdisk the disks  <fat32 >  with an fdisk
program from Windows ME, Windows 2000 or newer. Fdisk from Windows98
has a problem with large hard drives. Make the first partition 32GB or


Re: Is the problem the SEMPRON?

Bill wrote:
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Win98 has an FDISK problem with anything over 64Gb.  WinXP (original)
has a similar problem around 137Gb which I found out when I want to
install XP on a 200Gb disk.....

Re: Is the problem the SEMPRON?

Bill wrote:
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It should be noted that not only will the win98 fdisk be unable to partition
a large hard drive correctly, but it will happily destroy data on said drive
if any is there beforehand. So if you have, say, a 200gb drive with a 16GB
partition already existing, then use win98 fdisk to create a second
partition after this, you will end up (with high probability) destroying a
number of files in your first partition. This happens when fdisk "verifies"
the disk, which judging from the results involves writing random data to a
few sectors per cylinder. Unfortunately, it screws up the calculation of
where to write stuff and will happily write junk outside the new partition,
which is bad if you already have things on the disk.


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