I new it but powered up anyways. HELP

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To much thermal grease.
AMd 4200 duel core. asus a8n deluxe 7800 vid card
I first posted fine then emmedialtly change bios to cool-n-quite
rebooted then installed o.s. then saw that the fan was at 700 rpm the
install but it was too late change coolnquite back to defaults and
powered up system a few more times with no problems. then after the 5th
powerup, emmediately the blue screen of death, then monitor goes to
black I hear a sizzle then beep beep beep. I turned it off by holding
power button. Now I am too afraid to investigate my stupidity.. worse
case senerio? fried cpu by thermal silver compuond bonding two or more
pins together? grease in pin holes on the socket fried mother board?
Vid card only thing possible thatmight work? HELP THE Idiot with
positive trueths please. I just spent a small fortune only to ****UP. I
was debating weather to redo the grease for 2 days before 1st powerup.
I was in total turmaoil. Moral of this in the end is "always listen to
your deep stomach" it leads you in the right direction.

Re: I new it but powered up anyways. HELP

what did you actually put in the socket was it dielctric grease (which
is ok) or was it arctic silver or something along ther same lines(not
a good idea) if it was the latter you have probably fried your cpu
On 28 Feb 2006 06:22:27 -0800, "stupid college edjucated techboy"

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Re: I new it but powered up anyways. HELP

On Tue, 28 Feb 2006 06:22:27 -0800, stupid college edjucated techboy

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Hmmm... positive truths..

Ignorance is stupidity but it may make you look stupid.

Don't spread conductive material like peanut butter.

Using conductive thermal compounds is not needed. I'm in the 6th month of
using wheel bearing grease on mine. has worked as good or better than any
thermal compound I've used. It's also nonconductive.:-)

As for what to do now. See if you can  find out what sizzled and replace
it. I can olny imagine how you'd get thermal compound in the socket pins.
No telling from what you said what's wrong. Good luck.

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