I hope this don't sound dumb

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Anyone here know where I may find a quad 604 pin Xeon board?
Because as far as I know, you only need 2 cpu's to get it working.
Then I could just get my fingers on 2 more cpu's later.
BTW 533 MHz bus. 133 FSB (Yeah, right!?) More like 132.5?
I believe that's right. The actual FSB is a little lower then the posted
Otherwise, you wouldn't hit the 533 mark, it would be over.
Which I use to run this thing over, till I added that last SATA drive,
and my bios cut off that option.

Next question.
If I get a hold of the money, and I think I might. I want to build a quad
Should I go with quad core, or just build it using dual core, since it's a
quad cpu system anyway?
And is SCSI SAS worth all the money it costs? Those drives cost, more then
the normal
SCSI drives.
Or should I just go with normal SCSI, because I want to build a
hot-swappable HD system.
It's still expensive, but not as bad as SCSI SAS.
Is there a such thing as a MB that don't have floppy or PATA support at all?

No hurry, I don't mind waiting.

Re: I hope this don't sound dumb

Fievel J Mousekewitz wrote:

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OK, here is your custom flow chart.

           |            |
           |            v
           |     +------------+
           |     |Check Wallet|<-------+
           |     +------------+        |
           |            |              |
           |           /  \            |
           |         /  Is  \      No  |
           |        /  Wallet  \-------+
           |        \   Full ? /
           |         \      /
           |           \  /
           |            |
           |            | Yes
           |            v
           |     +-----------------------------+
           |     |Do amazing things with money.|
           |     |Impress co-workers.          |<-----+
           |     |Get hot date.                |      |
           |     |Etc.                         |      |
           |     +-----------------------------+      |
           |            |                             |
           |           /  \                           |
           |         /  Is  \            No           |
           |        /  Wallet  \----------------------+
           |        \ Empty ? /
           |         \      /
           |           \  /
           |            |
           |            | Yes
           |            v
           |     +------------------+
           |     |  It's Monday.    |
           |     | Go back to work. |
           |     +------------------+
           |            |

To speak of Xeons, in an AMD group, would be a blasphemy :-)


Re: I hope this don't sound dumb

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:-) I have a hot guy. Sorry to bring up Intel in here.
That don't much answer my questions, but if I was thinking going with Intel,
I wouldn't have asked
this here. Opteron is AMD.
thx, please give a real answer.....


Re: I hope this don't sound dumb

Fievel J Mousekewitz wrote:
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Usually, when you buy things, you start with requirements. Why do
you want a "big iron" machine ? Why wouldn't a desktop motherboard
with a single socket, a quad core processor, be enough ? Explain what
needs the horsepower, and how much you have to spend.

Server motherboards tend to be large, and some of the computer
cases used to hold them, can cost $1000-$2000. You might just
need a large power supply as well. The box will heat your room
up, so if it is summer where you live, you'll need a bigger
air conditioner for the computer room.

For a lot of consumer software, there is little available information
about whether the software is multithreaded, and scales well with
number of cores. The reason a server can make good use of multiple
cores, is there can be many tasks running on the machine at the same
time (web server, database, email, domain controller, and so on). But
in a desktop situation, the user is hard pressed to keep
all of the cores humming along, doing useful work. (I've heard that
complaint from Macintosh users, when they had four cores to work with.
They couldn't keep the performance meter for all the cores, busy.)

You need an OS that can make good use of the hardware. You need to
understand how the software scales to use the multiple processing
cores (and the information is not easy to get). Once all of that
kind of research is done, then selecting the hardware will seem

I see the same kinds of mistakes made, when people buy memory. On
the one hand, memory is cheap, so the mistake is not a crime. On
the other hand, I've seen people buy memory, they cannot reasonably
expect to use to any extent. (So most of the memory is empty, most
of the time.)

I mean, how would you feel, if you spent $5K on big iron, and the'
damn thing was no faster than an $800 computer, for the things you
do ?


Re: I hope this don't sound dumb

Paul wrote:
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Also, if you want a forum that discusses multiple socket motherboards,
try forums.2cpu.com . For big iron, try tyan.com or supermicro.com .

There are very few articles, that review desktop workloads on server
platforms, so even if you could provide a compelling case for
such a beast, I'd be hard pressed to provide you with examples
of how well it works. And benchmarking, is the only practical
way, to tell what you're getting for your money. Doing
back-of-the-envelope estimates, has its limits, and you
can easily make an expensive mistake.


Re: I hope this don't sound dumb

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Just like this server I'm running, I love the power to just keep going.
(My lover is trying to suggest I'm trying to make a date with you, LOL.)
back to it.
I just really like the speed of a server. So going further is what I want.
Dual redundant psu.
Why ask about Xeob?
Because I already have two, it would be my cheapest chioce to go with a quad

And I said this already, I like the idea of just keeping on going, start
doing something, then
do something else, then do something else on top of that yet.
I got so use to servers, I don't want to run anything else.


Re: I hope this don't sound dumb

Fievel J Mousekewitz wrote:
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Maybe you could try over on forums.2cpu.com, and see if someone has
a quad 604 they want to get rid of. A quick look around, shows products
which are replacements for commercial server motherboards, and the problem
with grabbing a board like that, is finding documentation for

Look at the size of one of these things.



Something like this Z7S WS from Asus


or something like this, although this one is 12"x13"


would allow a pair of more modern processors to be used. You
could start with one quad core processor, then add a second later,
for a total of eight cores. With the Asus one, you might get away
with using a smaller computer case for it.

The fastest processor in the Asus support list, is the E5472 at 3GHz
and FSB1600. The reason for the FSB1600, is so you can use DDR2-800
FBDIMMs for memory. (FSB1600 enables DDR2-800 usage.)


The next step up, at 3.2GHz, is this one. QX9775 for LGA771.
But it burns 150W, whereas the other one is more reasonable on power.

http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SLANY (QX9775)

http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SLANR (E5472)

And the QX9775 costs $1550 each.


You may want to see if anyone on 2cpu.com has been trying out
the QX9775 or not.


If you want to shop for Opterons, and see what is on offer, try here.
Socket 1207 is what you'd want.


There are a few boards here, including some quad socket boards.


The quad socket uses 8000 series processors, because of the need for more cache
coherent HT interfaces to interconnect them. AMD doesn't use the same
kind of interconnect between processors as Intel does. 8000 series processor
prices will take your breath away, so you pay dearly for an extra coherent


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opteron (see "Models")

So a quad board, with four 8360SE quad cores at 2.5GHz each, would set you
back $2190 per processor, or $8760 for four processors. Total 16 cores.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819105208 (8360SE
Barcelona 2.5GHz)

The same quad core, but with fewer cache coherent HT interfaces, such that
you can only use then to build a dual socket, would be the 2360SE, at $1300 each.
So the "scalability tax" is an extra $900 per processor (for no extra work on
AMD's part). You could use two of these in a dual socket F, for total 8 cores.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819105198 (2360SE
Barcelona 2.5GHz)

If you bought a quad socket motherboard, you'd need a big case for it.


I'll leave it to you, to find benchmarks. The motherboard and processor reviews
Newegg are a good source of info, for any serious issues with this stuff.


Re: I hope this don't sound dumb

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Quoted text here. Click to load it

Bloody hell, thanks.
Don't worry, on a scale of 1-10, you got a 14

:-) ur old enough, u know what that means.

Fievel. ;-)

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