How many programs before you start again?

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Been getting ready to build a second PC.  Made me review how much
stuff I have got on my present system.

Using 'MyUninstaller'
I can see I have 511 installed programs!

In addition there are those programs which didn't need any
installation.  I reckon I have about 100 of these ready and
waiting to be used from a shortcut link on my menus.

And then there are all those programs which were so unimpressive
that they got uninstalled.  I don't know how many of those there
were.  50?  100?  150?

Adding together my figures of 511 + 100 + approx 100 then I see my
XP system has had about 700 or maybe even 800 programs!


Other background info is :

Based on the creation date of the 'WINDOWS' folder, my WinXP is
about 30 months old (installed in Jan 2003).

The C drive, which also contains no substantial data, is 14 GB of
which 10 GB is used up.

The Program Files folder, which contains *no* substantial data
files, is a bit over 5 GB.

If I sort by size the installed programs list on MyUninstaller or
Add/Remove then the middle size is about 1.7 MB.  
Largest program at 357 MB is MS hotfix KB896727 (Aug 2005).
Largest user application is Photoshop at 189 MB.

What sort of data do other people have?

On avergae how long (or how many programs) do you wait for before
(re)installing a new XP system?

Re: How many programs before you start again?

Franklin wrote:

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Windows does tend to get filled up with junk as time goes by and you install
programs then forget about them. You have a number of options to deal with
this problem:
1. Get a hard drive big enough to contain all the extra files.
2. Periodically (I used to do it every 3 months when the trial licence on my
virus checker ran out ;-) ) back up all your data, format your hard disk,
reinstall Windows, then install all the programs you actually want.
3. Use an operating system with a package management system - this will make
the job of dealing with all those programs much easier. Examples include
Debian Linux, Fedora Linux, Gentoo Linux (My current choice), FreeBSD

Note also that Windows itself comes with hundreds of programs and utilities,
so, once those are taken out, the number may not be as large.

I hope my answer hasn't been too linux-fanatic  :)

Re: How many programs before you start again?

Christopher Kerr wrote:
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I am toying with the idea of a Linux system. Maybe a dual boot option
and I notice that my boot options in the BIOS include USB as a boot
option. Is it possible to run an OS on an external USB2.0 Box?

Do you have to get Linux specific versions of things or can you "make"
windows PC software run under it?  I am thinking specificall of
Torrents and PC Games.


Re: How many programs before you start again?

On Thu, 11 Aug 2005 13:05:37 +0100, Christopher Kerr
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Certainly not! ;-)

My solution was to build a headless Linux server running software
RAID, and schedule a Zip job over SAMBA for my Windows machines.
Software RAID under Linux JUST WORKS, you don't need special hard
drives, a special controller card nor a special motherboard. Currently
there are 4x40GB drives attached, in two mirrored pairs. One of the
drives failed two months a go - I never noticed until I got the email
from the Linux box. Swapping in a new HD was a simple 5-minute power
down. Sure, I could use SCSI, hardware RAID and hot-swap, but, as I
said, software RAID under Linux JUST WORKS and it is incredibly cheap.

Andrew Oakley

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