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OK here are my requirements. Can someone assist

Currently have an XP1700 o/c to XP2600 on an Epox 8K3A.

It's hot here at the moment - 31C. Room temp is probably around that too. My
case is at 37C but the CPU is sitting at 61C while idle or around 63C when
100%. My current cooler is a Zalman Flower 6000Cu. I know it's not a
fantastic cooler but I also want a quiet PC.

I'd like to stay with aircooling but would like lower CPU temps. Are the new
Zalmans any better? I'm talking about the 7000Cu or AlCu. They look like the
airflow might be better utilised.

Forgot to mention that the case is a Globalwin 802 with one 80mm rear
exhaust plus an Enermax PSU that has another 92mm exhaust and 120mm intake
above the CPU. I've experimented with an additional intake fan at the lower
front but it made no difference.


Re: Hot PC

The 8k3a measure temps from the internal temp diode
inside the cpu
There is a fault that means that the temp from a thourorbred
is approx 10c-15c overread.So a temp of 60 deg c is probably
about 45-50 deg c(sorry for spelling,been a long day)

have a read here

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Re: Hot PC

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I thought that issue had been resolved in the latest BIOS. I'm pretty sure I
had to change MBM settings a while back so it stopped subtracting a value
from the temp.

Never mind. It does appear to be stable.

Re: Hot PC

John Smith wrote:
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I think this quote from that thread sums it up best:

We cant win on temperature readings.
enable the on-die reading and give true temps "waaaa my temps are too high"
Disable on-die "waaaa I want on-die temps"
Alter the way the bios interprets temperature "waaa my temp is different
from XXXX bios"

Expox made a good attempt at doing a correct on-die reading. People were
unhappy with the numbers that it gave, so they adjusted it to give lower
values. The whole thread reinforces that there's no point looking at
ABSOLUTE temperature values, just changes in the temperature as you adjust
your OWN cooling setup. And that if it's stable then it's not too hot.

Oh, and FYI there's no way to incorrectly read a temperature from one core
if you can read it correctly from another. AMD made it so that you use the
same configuration to measure from all cores (they aren't stupid,
surprisingly enough).

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Re: Hot PC

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For this very reason I stopped being too worried about temperatures.  MBM5,
Sandra, Everest, Asus Probe, Asus BIOS, Speed Fan etc etc etc; tried em all
and got a nice range of temperatures.  Some way too hot, some way too cold
and some where I expect the temperature to lie.  Can take your pick from any
of them and then waste money trying to go cooler.  Now I only look at the
BIOS and see if the a) the rate of increase is to quick, temperature
increase and b) the differential between starting temp and temp after say 5

Spent too much time and too much Googling to find out if my Athlon 2500XP
was at the right temperature and if one thing is clear that is that there
are massively wide ranging temperatures being reported.

Much more fun to overclock the system and then take advantage of the
increased speed / performance than worry too much about the temperature.


Re: Hot PC

A lot of people are making a lot of money over us worrying about a few
degrees of heat!! I got off that bus too.

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