High Tech - AMD Athlon cooling solution . . .

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AMD Athlon cooling solution . . .

Did I say solution?

I have an Athlon 1000 that has been running nonstop for years. I checked it
out, and the inside looked like what you might expect to find under your
grandfathers bed after he had been dead for years. The Heatsink was packed
full of dust, and the fan was moving slow and had what looked like a wig of
hair wrapped up in its fan.

I decided to clean it.

I unplugged everything, and brought the box to my workroom (the kitchen). I
opened it and got the vacuum cleaner to work. I had a small unused paint
brush I used to dislodge the dust. It really was an awful mess!

I decided to remove the Heatsink and fan from the CPU.

Have you ever used a screwdriver to remove one of those clips that holds the
heatsink down? Well don't do what I did, make sure you unclip the correct
side first! I used brute force on the wrong side, but I finally got it off!

Next, I put some soapy water in the sink, and cleaned the Heatsink (not
water cooling).

But the hair in the fan had worked its way down into the bearings. So I
removed the sticker-label that covered the shaft on the fan, and removed the
little plastic "C-ring" that held it all together. Once it was apart, it was
easy to clean. I was a little worried that the magnet in the motor would
loose its strength one the roater was removed. (My worry proved to be

After it was cleaned up I put it back together, but I wished I had a little
grease to put on the shaft and a dot of grease for the bearing. I looked
around. All I could find was bacon grease. I used it.

Now, it's running like a top!

So you see? That is my solution - pig fat!

End of story.

- Stan Shankman

Re: High Tech - AMD Athlon cooling solution . . .

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Mmmmmm, pig fat......

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