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I have the new amd Fx-57 processor on the asus A8N Sli board with 3gigs of
ram and Geforce 6800 PCIx  vid card
Also have win 2000, Win Xp,Win Xp 64 bit on the HD which is 160gig Sata..
This thing runs like total dog shit you would swear i was running a 486 or
worse nothing runs worth a crap... Re boot takes anywhere from 1 to 2
minutes and all i have on it is the OS's...  For 3 grand just for the tower
i would want it to wipe my butt thanks

Re: Help

A 1 minute reboot an't too bad,2 minutes is crap.
Start from scratch.Have you installed all the drivers for motherboard,video
Try getting ONE OS to work before installing the rest.

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Re: Help

why so many OS?

do you really need all three?

format the damn thing start over and pick one os get it working the way its
supposed to work.
then tweak the hell out of it get rid of the bloated crap you don't need out
of windows.
turn off services  you don't need you know the normal tweaks that you have
to do to windows just to get it to run like it should.

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