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Looking for an HDTV tuner for an HTPC.  Native resolution on the LCD TV
is 1366 x 768.  We want to use analog antenna (HDTV over the air) AND
analog cable (not HDTV).  Video capture is highly desirable.

Computer is a Athlon 3700 San Diego (939), 1 gig memory, 7600GS video
card.  XP-Pro SP2, DirX 9c.

Any suggestions?


Re: HDTV tuner

On Mon, 23 Jul 2007 19:35:40 -0500, Cal Vanize wrote:

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Depends on what you want. You could get cards with both ATSC and NTSC
tuners on them although you can only use one tuner at a time, so to record
2 shows, you'd still need 2 tuners. Or you could get seperate cards.
Personally, I use the old Air2PC ATSC only cards you can get on ebay
for about $20. I've got 6 of them in my MythTV system. For the analog
cable, you'd probably want tuners with onboard mpeg2 encoding if you are
going to use more than a couple of them. Whichever you decide to get may
depend on what software you are planning to use with it. Since you're
running windows I can't help you much. I don't do windows, and I'm not
sure what cards it's compatable with multiple tuners. Maybe Beyond TV.

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Re: HDTV tuner

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Hauppauge have just brought out the HVR4000 in the UK.


It arrived at their repair center last week so only another month or so
to wait  

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