Global warming and overclocking.

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Re: Global warming and overclocking.

A little bit. You have to disable cool'n'quiet, because the voltages it
sets will be too low, unless you didn't have to raise the cpu voltage
for your overclock (then you'd have to test for errors at cool'n'quiet's
lower speeds and voltages too).

So, higher voltage = more power consumption.

  However, you can use CrystalCPUID instead, making your own presets. It
will lower the speed ok, but for the voltage, on my machine the BIOS
must be set to auto for the cpu voltage for Crystal to be able to set
it. I found that Crystal wouldn't set it above 1.45v (my cpu is 1.4
stock). Set to auto in the bios, the voltage isn't enough for the
overclock to boot safely so I also lowered the cpu multiplier so the cpu
wouldn't go over stock speed with the bus/clock increase, and the stock
voltage it gets on auto. Then when Crystal finally cuts in it kicks it
up to the full multiplier and voltage when needed, otherwise keeps it at
half the overclocked speed and a lower voltage, plus an intermediate step.

Nevertheless, even with Crystal and running mostly at the slowest step,
the pc will use a little more juice -- the slowest step is now faster
than the stock slowest one, and possibly using more voltage. But it's
just a little bit, but, admittedly, it would add up for lots and lots of
pcs doing it.

Ed Light

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Re: Global warming and overclocking.

Not since the XP1700 I believe :)

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Re: Global warming and overclocking.

Who the fuck cares?

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