gigabyte k8n-sli prob???

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i have tried o/c'ing my opteron 144 and with the HTT reduced to 1x i can get
290 FSB and at almost any voltage but i cant get passed the 290 limit.  i
have once or twice fluked 300MHz and got 2.7GHz but it was unstable even at
1.7v.  i have seen some run at 3GHz+ but even with my arctic cooler and what
seems like lowish temps i just cannot above 290.  even when the BIOS reports
in at 300MHz, control panel and the gigabyte o/c'ing software reports it
stuck at 290.  cpu-z is the same.
how do i pass this limit.
if i'm not o/c'ing the x850xt PE do i need to adjust htt and pci-e voltages.
does this apply to memory too.  i can set it to run lower than its ddr400



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