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Newly built system:

Antec TX640B w/SmartPower 2.0 400w
A64 3200+ 939 (Win)
Chaintech VNF4 Ultra MOBO
2x512 Corsair TwinX1024-3200C2PT
Sapphire X800GTO
WinXP Home SP1a
Using AC97 3.78 onboard sound
CAT 5.10 with Control Panel
(.net framework is not installed)

Routine install of WinXP using the VNF4 Ultra's included (3.6) chipset
drivers but did not install NVfirewall, NVnetworks (due to anguish with
them elsewhere). Have installed my usual programs, Firefox browser, and
have run everything I ever run on our home PC's fast and flawless but
running AquaMark3 I either get a freeze up at the very end where the
results screen should appear or 3/4 of the way thru I get an error:
[Code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION The thread tried to read from or write
to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.
Addr: 0x0fea266a.]

3dMark2003 will run awesome almost all of the way thru and then crash
and reboot. Ditto for 3dMark2005. Doom 3 runs full benchmark's reliably
at default settings and scores where it should for this setup. I can
usually only run the first level or two of the game though, before it
suddenly crashes to the desktop. Half-Life 2 runs awesome - for about 5
minutes. UT2004 about one full level.

RMA'd the X800GTO (it did reach 78c temps I noticed) and the replacement
never seems to go above 70.3c but the exact same problem persists. I
have tried the CAT 5.9 drivers and older AC97 drivers (3.54 and 3.77) -
using DriverCleaner to clean up scraps in between. No change. DxDIAG
(9.0c) says all is well. The MOBO had auto set-up the memory timings at
2.5-4-2-8 and I have changed these to 2.5-3-3-6 as specified for the RAM
I'm using but nothing noticeable has occured. Mem testing reveals no
errors. SiSoft Sandra will run a full benchmark and then at the very end
of it, crash and reboot.

Everything runs fast, looks great - UT 2004 (and the other games and
benchmarks too for that matter) run amazingly smooth and fast, but then
suddenly crash out. UT displays a variety of errors when it crashes but
  the first referenced a sound issue.


Re: Games Crashing

ranger wrote:
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The 400W PSU should be enough, but there is a possibility it's just slightly
underpowered. First thing to test would be to run memtest86 for 10 passes or
so. If there's no problems reported, see how long Prime95 will last. If
Prime95 runs for 10+ hours (ideally wait for 24 hours, but an overnight run
with no errors is a good start) then it's unlikely to be your CPU or RAM,
and probably either your motherboard or PSU.

Michael Brown
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Re: Games Crashing

or driver related...

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Re: Games Crashing

r u running a nvida graphics card???

if so which one ?

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Re: Games Crashing

Holy crap dude,did you even read the post?

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Re: Games Crashing

my games were crashing like crazy with my X800XL and MSI K8N was
the BIOS settings..under Cell hit a bunch of keys ..then a hidden
menu pops up...was NV/ATI Speedup..disabled that and things got better. Now
am not sure if your BIOS has these hidden settings..but...never know. /

I found my info here..Chaintech has tech support here in the forums.

Re: Games Crashing

dino wrote:
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Turned out to be the Sapphire X800GTO. Got a Leadtek 6600GT and
everythings great. Thanks!

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