eVGA 7600GS for HDTV HT

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Any issues / problems with using this card for HDTV home theater?  Any
issue with 1366 x 768?

The card is going into a PC that currently using onboard video from a
nVidia 6100 GPU.  (Ath 3700 San Diego, 1gb memory, 1.2tb storage)

Looking for smoother DVD playback.

Re: eVGA 7600GS for HDTV HT

On Sun, 11 Mar 2007 12:11:05 -0500, Old Guy wrote:

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Shouldn't be any problems.

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I've got MythTV running on a 6100 and finally got decent HD playback using
the standard decoding and kernel deinterlacing. Using XvMC played ok but
audio was choppy. I don't watch much on this box as it's the server. A
driver upgrade may or may not fix the XvMC playback.

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Re: eVGA 7600GS for HDTV HT

Wes Newell wrote:
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Thank you for the suggestion.  I might give that a try on a future Linux
box.  I've got a Fedora 6 box running on our home network (small Sempron
64 w/ 1gb of memory, onboard ATI RS200 video).  But the current HT
system is on an XP Pro box using PowerDVD 6.0.

If / when the time comes, would it be a major effort to port over all
those NTFS-based movie files and their associated directories (hundreds
of DVDs worth of movies!)?  I would want them on the system that would
perform playback.  Would I be able to access the movies if I just
installed Fedora on the current Windoze partition?  Since most of the
rest of the family is not familiar with Linux, would they be able to
find movies without much effort?

Re: eVGA 7600GS for HDTV HT

Old Guy wrote:

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I don't really know, but wouldn't you know, I'm going to reply anyway.
This page, found in a Google search for keywords nvidia 6100 and

...mentions only basic scaling capabilities of the 6100.  While I don't
know exactly what that means, I thought it might have something to
do with it.

Another thought I had was something SP2 for XP must do, like installing
the Windows firewall or something.  A guy at work had an eMachines
with a 1 GHz Celeron.  After installing SP2, his video started to stutter.
I figured it was probably some service like the firewall, but he pissed
me off so I just put it back the way it was without investigating further.
You might try disabling the firewall, or turning off antivirus protection, if
any, to see if it helps.  Otherwise, I would head over to systernals.com,
now owned by MS, and try to find some monitoring program and look
for a process or service that is not playing well with others.  Or just get
a cheap dual core processor or buy an ATI card.  AMD needs your

Re: eVGA 7600GS for HDTV HT

I should mention that the 8600 series has just been
launched.  There may be further price cuts on the 7600s.

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