Dual Opteron

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Wanting to use 2 X2 Opteron's.
Speed in GHz, I'm not sure yet what I want to get.
The question, which board to use.
 I've priced many, but what I'm looking for is the most compatible with the
setup of two X2 CPU's.
I was going to try to find a Iwill DH800, & rebuild my Xeon system.
But with my new job, I think I should go for a new build instead.
I'm probably going to get just one peice at a time, so as to use my money
 other things I need it for first, and to build the best system I can.
This will also be the fastest system I've ever built, overclocking not
needed, even if
 there is a Dual Opteron board can that can be Overclocked.

Thanks Very Much for any help..

Denny.        :-)              ;-)

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