Does the Abit NF7-S need -5 volt?

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Trying to eliminate causes for the bad performance of my NF7-S/Mobile
2600+ (see  "What's so terribly wrong with this PC?" thread) I wonder
if the board needs a -5 volt power supply.

I've got a Aopen H600a miditower with the standard 350 watt PSU.
After building the system, all seemed well, until I fired up the
'AbitEQ' monitoring util. It started beeping right away, the cause

The -5 volt rail was reported as +4,54 volt and the BIOS also said so.
This was with the new 27 BIOS. Other BIOSes (like the d1.0. I have
now) read 0 volt. The 20 pin motherboard connector still has a -5 volt
Abit send me a new util, but did not say anything about the -5 volt.

The point is new 24 pin ATX2 PSU's don't have to carry -5 volt any
The 24->20 converter I use to connect to the motherboard still has a
-5 volt line, but it is simply not connected. I know the -5 volt was
only used for some very old floppy drives and ISA cards.

-> But does the NF7-S still need -5 volt for some reason?

It runs, but it runs bad and hope to eliminate a possible cause.
Should I get a PSU with -5 volt rail?

Boyd Noorda

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