Do I need to increase chipset voltage?

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It is an option in the BIOS. I can run my system at either 11x250 or
10x275 no problem. Ram runs at 275 FSB just fine. At 11x260 it is
stable with vcore of 1.45. I should not have to worry about chipset
voltage unless I go over 275 FSB right?
Opteron (11x260 temp 47c)
Model 148 (939)
MB = Biostar TForce4U - nForce4 Ultra chipset
VC = 6800GS
HD = 300gig Maxtor SATA 150
DVD burner
PSU = 500w
Ram = Muskin XP4400 2x512
Stock HSF (lapped AS3)

Re: Do I need to increase chipset voltage?

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You might not even need to worry then. With overclocking, the phrase
"your mileage may vary" couldn't be more apt.


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