DFI NF4 Ultra prob

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Got a weird problem with my DFI NF4 board that I just got.

In the process of upgrading several systems at home, and picked up the
NF4 Ultra (non-SLI) for my everyday work machine.  Initially *very*
impressed with the board - I especially like the built in fan control
that makes the system nearly silent when it's just serving up media to
my bedroom.
Anyway - set it up with an Opty 165 that was only temp until the Venice
3400+ that I intended to use came in.
Worked flawlessly with the Opty, then when I switched to the 3400+, I
can only get the thing to start if I reset the CMOS.  It boots fine
initially with an invalid CMOS - then as soon as I save the settings
(all defaults), it will not boot again until I reset the CMOS.  On the
boot after a CMOS reset, if I don't go into the BIOS setup it loads and
runs Windows just fine - CPU and memory running at the proper speed.
It's sitting at home while I try the "pull the CMOS battery for a day"
trick, but wondered if anyone else had run into this, or had some
particular setting to look for.
I was ready to go DFI for all my future builds until this.


Re: DFI NF4 Ultra prob

KE wrote:
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The 3400+ S939 is not on amdcompare.com .

I found a ref to it here. It is peculiar, because the Hypertransport
is rated at 800 instead of the normal 1000.


As near as I can tell, this is DFI's CPU Support list.


About all you can do, is contact DFI and ask whether that part is supported,
and perhaps what BIOS it might take.

This is not the first time this happened. I think it was Tigerdirect that
was selling a bundle, consisting of a motherboard and processor. And the
processor stepping was not supported by the BIOS on the bundled
motherboard :-) So stuff like this does happen.

At the end of a product line, like S939, you are bound to find inventory
overrun items for sale. But with cranky BIOS, buying some of those items
is not the best idea. As a consumer, you have to have an "eagle eye" for
oddball products, because some of them are unknown to the BIOS writers.

With some brands of motherboard, the board simply wouldn't POST in a
situation like this. So kudos to DFI for not rolling over and playing


Re: DFI NF4 Ultra prob

Paul wrote:
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Thank you!

I snagged the CPU as the cheapest 939 I could get my hands on, and was
wondering why I wasn't seeing 3400+s anywhere else.

I'll force the HT speed to 800 and see if that fixes the problem.

You're right - kudos to DFI for having a failsafe boot that works.
Really nice board - I was waiting to do a major rebuild on my gaming
rig, but an SLI DFI NF4, my Opty 175 at 2.7Ghz+, and the option of SLI
with my 8800GTS looks mighty tempting.


Re: DFI NF4 Ultra prob

Paul wrote:
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Thanks again!
That was exactly the problem - set the HT multiplier to give me 800 and
I'm posting from this very machine.


Re: DFI NF4 Ultra prob

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I've seen that processor at newegg and there was a lot of comments
about whether it was just a typo or what.   They've got a 939 2.4ghz
1meg cache for about $80 so I'd recommend that for the extra bucks
unless you REALLY want the cheapest cpu money can buy.

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